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What a great start!

I only just finished my first custom vinyl toy. It is litteraly just over a month since I did Trikky and Brob and just a couple of weeks ago that I finished The Queen of Candy Cove. I could never have imagined being featured by Kidrobot them selves but not only did they feature The Queen of Candy cove on their Instagram but also in their Blog!

I've been such a massive fan of Kidrobot for years and years so to be featured by them is a huge dream come true. Wow! I'm so happy! Thank you guys so much!

As if that wasn't enough, The Toy Chronicle, which is an amazing UK Toy Blog that I have followed for quite some time as well, did a full feature on me.

The feature made me feel special and it's brought out even more inspiration than I thought was possible. The boost from these features is just amazing. I really feel on top of the world and I can't say thank you enough! THAAAAAANNNNKKK YOOOU! <3



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