Tomodachi Island

Designer Toys, Illustration, Art, Sculpting

Tomodachi Island - Custom Toys, Designer Toys, Sculptures, Art Print, Resin Toys by Emelie Jensen

Art is My Biggest Passion

Emelie Jensen was born in a town called Norrköping in Southern Sweden. This is where she developed a burning passion for art and design in all its forms.

Love for Art

My love for art has always been there. I have been drawing and doodling since I can remember. This has always been my escape and my passion.

I started my career as a professional artist about 12 years ago. This was the time when I decided that I wanted to make a living out of my art as a tattooist.

I spent many years studying the art of tattooing along side skilled and experienced tattooists and one day I found myself in the seat where I always imagined myself. After practicing the profession for some time I didn't find tattooing as rewarding, art wise, as I thought I would.

After allot of thinking and realization, I decided to give up my dream to find a new path. And so I did. I left Sweden to work in the UK and this is where I am still laying down the building blocks of my future.

I started studying 3D Computer Animation. After three years of studying I came out of Swansea Metropolitan University with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in 2012.

After this I decided to walk my own path towards something new.

I started Tomodachi Island during my degree, and it quickly became successful. I started out making little furry phone sleeves, but I've always loved vinyl toys and custom designer toys. Tomodachi Island is my baby and is forever growing. This is where I can be myself to the fullest and this is where my ideas and dreams become reality.

The creatures that live in my mind has found a home here at Tomodachi Island, and even though it might be just a "little" island, it has no borders or boundaries, just like my dreams.

I want people to come here and feel inspired. I want to take people to that part of my brain where I like it the most. Where no bad things happen and where the world is at peace.

I feel, life without art, quite simply can't be called life. This is why I have chosen to live my life as an artist to the fullest. Through my art I want to bring a smile to peoples faces, bring the child back in to those who have to be "grown ups", and make imaginations run wild.

- Em


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