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A New Beginning...

Welcome to Tomodachi Island's new hang out. This is the new beginning of Tomodachi Island. This means quite a few changes. From now on I will be running the Blog from here and no longer at Blogger. If you want to read old posts then I suggest that you head over to BLOGGER to read them there. I will keep the old blog up and running for those interested in the old Tomodachi Island, but no new posts will be written over there.

With me going through allot of life changes in becoming a mother and so on I have also found a deeper meaning to what I do. I think I have finally found myself in my art and started believing in what I can create for the first time in my life. The importance of Tomodachi Island is bigger now than ever. I really appreciate all the fans that I have gained through the close to four years that I've been running Tomodachi Island and I really hope that all of you stay with me now that I enter a new chapter in my life.

You will slowly see Tomodachi Island change into the essence of ME. Of who I truly am deep down inside. The furry monsters and accessories you are used to seeing will slowly disappear whilst you will see more of my art in the form of prints, sculptures, custom toys, resin toys and of course you will even have the chance to own some of my original artwork later on.

It is time for me to embrace who I really am and my art likewise. I hope you stay to enjoy the future with me. I am looking at it with eyes wide open and full of excitement.

Here's to the Future of Tomodachi Island!

And welcome to Tomodachi Islands new hide out!


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